Scituate Harbor Development

This is a 'floating slab' such as specified by DCC for this project. DCC designed a partition, which incorporates a floating slab, between the cinemas and residential units which is designed to achieve a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of approximately 63. In addition, DCC recommended the use of a 'brick wall' limiter in the cinema sound system. Based on Noise Reduction measurements after construction of the project, DCC will adjust the limiter, if necessary, to achieve the desired sound level in the cinemas and residential units.

The Scituate Harbor Development Project is a luxury condominium complex overlooking picturesque Scituate Harbor. Two cinemas, called 'The Scituate Playhouse,' will be located on the first floor with condominiums directly overhead. DCC analyzed the sound isolation requirements in order to reduce the amount of intrusive cinema sound within residential units to an acceptable level.

DCC also provided design recommendations regarding HVAC noise control as well as sound isolation between residential units.

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