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M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980; B.A., Mathematics - Westminster College, 1978; B.A., Chemistry - Westminster College, 1978; B.A., Physics - Westminster College, 1978
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Principal, DCC, 2001 to present
Director, Acentech Incorporated, 1989-2001
Bolt Beranek and Newman, 1986-1989
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Acoustical Society of America
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
National Academy of Sciences
Transportation Research Board Subcommittee on Transportation Noise and Vibration
Who's Who in the World
Who's Who in Science and Engineering
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Mr. Coate consults in a broad range of acoustics and noise and vibration control. His experience includes noise and vibration data collection, analysis, and computer modeling for noise predictions, noise mitigation measures; preparation of noise reports for environmental impact statements; and presentations during hearings and public meetings. He has extensive computer experience including a proficiency in several programming languages.

Mr. Coate has consulted on a variety of different projects. Although much of his work is in the area of environmental noise and architectural acoustics, he has consulted in such diverse areas as underwater acoustics, helicopter noise, sound system design, acoustic detection for the U.S. Army, and vibration control for high technology applications.
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Architectural/Building Acoustics

Experience includes measurement/modeling of sound isolation between building floor/ceilings and walls. Experience also includes measurement/modeling of reverberation in auditoriums, conference rooms, rehearsal spaces, and recording studios. Has developed high transmission loss floating slab floors for critical sound isolation projects. Project experience includes building acoustics treatment recommendations for retail stores such as Urban Outfitters at locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as restaurants such as Unos.

Recording studio design work including Q Division (Somerville, MA), MIT, University of Hartford, and other studio and performance spaces.

Classroom acoustics projects include Medfield Elementary, Medfield Wheelock (Mass.), North Smithfield High and Elementary Schools (Rhode Island), Mashpee Elementary (Cape Cod, Mass), South Plymouth Elementary (Mass.), Braintree Elementary (Mass.), and Chatham (Cape Cod, Mass.) Elementary Schools. Many of these projects were focused on the introduction of hearing impaired children into the classroom and employed the ANSI S12.60-2002 Acoustical Standard.

Cinema design includes Scituate Harbor Playhouse (Scituate, Mass.), Patriot Cinema (Hanover, Mass.), and multi-cinemas with retail shops above, in Puerto Rico.

Highway Noise

Extensive highway noise analysis experience ranging from preparation of environmental impact statements, highway noise measurements, highway noise predictions, and noise barrier design and optimization using FHWA highway noise models. Participated in the Transportation Systems Center full-scale parallel noise barrier model evaluation study. The goal of this study was to quantify and generalize the acoustic performance degradation effects that sometimes occur in parallel noise barrier configurations.

Rail Noise

Experience includes measurement and prediction of rail noise and vibration, mitigation design, cost-benefit analysis, and preparation of technical reports. Noise and vibration mitigation experience includes design of noise barriers, and the evaluation of residential sound insulation, wheel truing/rail grinding, and ballast mats. Projects range from commuter and transit rail to high speed/Maglev rail studies. Contributing author for the TCRP-C3 transit cooperative research program wheel/rail noise study, which included the development of a wheel/rail noise expert system computer program.

Aircraft Noise

Developed sonic boom noise model for Federal Aviation Administration/AST to evaluate potential noise impacts of commercial space vehicle launches. Currently developing the Launch Noise Model (LNM) for FAA/AST. Experience includes the use of the FAA Integrated Noise Model (INM), the Helicopter Noise Model (HNM), and the USAF's NOISEMAP for the prediction of aircraft noise in the vicinity of airports, noise measurements, impact assessment, and preparation of noise contour maps. Projects range from AICUZ and base closure studies, the use of GIS to determine population impacts, aircraft noise audibility in national parks, to a blade/vortex interaction study for NASA. Project manager for numerous airport residential sound insulation projects.

Amphitheater Sound Impact Analysis

Amphitheater/community sound analysis experience includes the measurement and prediction of sound levels, evaluations of the intrusiveness of sound based on comparisons of the background ambient noise level with project noise levels, and cost-benefit analysis of mitigation options.

Geographic Information Systems

Familiar with Environmental Systems Research Institute GIS software. Applied GIS technology to evaluate noise impacts in the vicinity of airports, highways, and other outdoor noise sources that affect large geographic areas. This process involves the development of noise contours, and overlaying the noise contours on a digital basemap/database. This procedure has been used to identify specific properties around airports that qualify for residential sound insulation funding. This method of analysis has proven to be more accurate and cost-effective than using conventional paper-based analyses.

Responsible for the management and development of a GIS encompassing the eastern half of the United States for the Conrail Acquisition Project.

Mechanical Systems

Has diagnosed and mitigated sources of noise and vibration in mechanical systems such as HVAC systems, pumps, compressors, and cooling towers. Experience includes the vibration isolation of high pressure refrigerant piping/pumps. Two notable projects include quantifying structure-borne versus airborne noise contributions caused by large pumping systems within the Nashville Energy Plant, and recommending low-noise fans for two large cooling towers at UPMC Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Expert Witness

Has served the court as a noise expert in a number of cases involving helicopter noise, blasting noise, highway noise, race track noise, amphitheater sound impacts, and noise-related land-use compatibility issues with airports.
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ABB Environmental
AKRF Incorporated
Arthur D. Little Incorporated
Berger Lehman Associates
Boston Land Company
Bridgehampton Road Race Corporation
BRW, Inc.
Bryar Motor Sports
Central Engineering
Charles River Park Apartments
Chicago Transit Authority
Citizen Accord
City of Atlanta, Georgia
City of Austin, Texas
City of Cleveland, Ohio
City of Summit, New Jersey
City of Walpole, Massachusetts
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Colonade Associates
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall
DeLeuw, Cather & Co.
Delta Group
Domenech and Hicks
Dorsey & Whitney, LLP
Ebasco Environmental
Eckel Industries
Edwards & Kelsey Engineers
Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Incorporated
Flatley Company
Fort Hood
Frederick R. Harris
Gillham and Gander Associates
Gordon R. Archibald Engineers
Hardesty & Hanover
Harvard University
Hayden Wegman Incorporated
HDR Engineering
Howard, Needles, Tammen & Bergendoff
ICF Consulting
James Taylor
Joey Kramer (Aerosmith)
Jones Payne Architects & Planners
Lev Zetlin Associates, Inc.
Logan International Airport
Mass Highway Department
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
National Parks Services
National Semiconductor
New York State Thruway Authority
Northwest Airlines
Ohio Department of Transportation
Olin Brass
Opa-Locka Airport
Ordway & Associates
Owens Corning
Port Columbus International Airport
Poulos and Zagorsky
Post Buckley Shuh & Jernigan Incorporated
Public Affairs Management
Raleigh/Durham Airport
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Rollins Investments
Rouse Company
San Jose International Airport
Sear Brown Group
Seashore Performing Arts Center
Schwetye Architects
Shadyside Hospital
Sheskey Architects
Turner, Collie & Braden Incorporated
Trammel Crow
Union Pacific Railroad
Urban Outfitters
Utah International Incorporated
U.S. Army
U.S. Navy
Weston Community Concepts
Westwood Group
W.R. Grace
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15 Sound Drive Traffic Noise Analysis and Water Feature Acoustics, Northeast Harbor, Maine, August, 2023

Deer Crossing Sound Isolation Study, Hajjar Management, Inc., Mashpee, Massachusetts, April, 2023

Aircraft Noise and CO2 Emissions Study, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/ICF, May, 2023

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Cardio Sport Sound Isolation Analysis, Falmouth, Massachusetts, February, 2023

Townline Railroad Noise Analysis- Environmental Assessment, VHB, Inc., Long Island, New York, January, 2023

Facade Transmission Loss Testing- 161 Playstead Road, Medford, Massachusetts, December, 2022

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Impact Isolation (IIC) and STC Testing Results/Recommendations (76 Court Street, Plymouth Massachusetts), May, 2022

BLU on the Water Semi-Enclosure Acoustical Performance, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, May, 2022

Saugus Library Acoustics,” Saugus, Massachusetts, April, 2022

Tourists Event Center Acoustics Recommendations, Scollard Architects, Adams, Massachusetts, April, 2022

Contra Costa Heliport Noise Study, ICF, Concord, California, February, 2022

Harvard Arnold Arboretum Cooling Tower Noise Study, CMTA Inc., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, January 2022

Dover Community Center Architectural Acoustics Recommendations, FM Architecture, Dover, Massachusetts, January, 2022

Minotaur Launch Vehicle Noise Study, ICF/AST/FAA, Cape Canaveral, Florida, January 2022

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Robin Hollow Solar Inverter and Transformer Noise Analysis, Sage Environmental, Inc. West Greenwich, Rhode Island (January, 2021)

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Wharf RI Sound Study, Warren, Rhode Island (September, 2020)

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Orient Heights Senior Center Acoustics, FM Architecture, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts (July, 2020)

Arnold Arboretum Pump Noise and Vibration Analysis, FM Architecture, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts (July, 2020)

Ken s Food Facility Noise Analysis (West Side) Southborough, Massachusetts (June, 2020)

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Robin Hollow Solar Tree Removal Noise Study, Sage Environmental, Inc. West Greenwich, Rhode Island (February, 2020)

Tree Removal Noise Study, Ambient Environmental Inc., Clifton Park, NY (January, 2020)

BLU on the Water Noise Study, East Greenwich, Rhode Island (January, 2020)

Bank of Maine Pavilion Concert Sound Study, Waterstone Inc. Portand, Maine (January, 2020)

One Liberty Street Acoustics, Convene Inc., New York, NY (December, 2019)

Saint Peters Church by the Sea -Acoustics, Narragansett, Rhode Island (November, 2019)

225 Liberty Street Acoustics, Macro Consultants LLC, New York, NY (October, 2019)

Report to Congress, FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 Sections 173 and 188, Washington, D.C., ICF (September, 2019)

DARPA Launch Challenge Noise Study San Nicholas Island, ICF/AST (September, 2019)

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DARPA Launch Challenge Noise Study, Vandenberg AFB, ICF/AST (June, 2019)

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Kent Parking Garage Noise Analysis, Sound Transit, ICF (December, 2018)

Twin River Casinos Noise Study, Lincoln, Rhode Island (September, 2018)

Coachella Valley Rail Noise and Vibration Analysis, Federal Rail Administration/CALTRANS/ICF, (July, 2018)

Cedarville Car Wash Noise Analysis and Recommendations, Cedarville, Massachusetts, (July, 2018)

Old Stone Bank Acoustical Analysis and Recommendations, Providence, Rhode Island, (July, 2018)

Camp Hall Palmetto Railways Noise and Vibration Analysis, Berkeley County, South Carolina, ICF/Surface Transportation Board, (June, 2018)

Uppababy Inc. Conference Room Acoustics Analysis and Recommendations, Rockland, Massachusetts, (June, 2018)

Pease Terminal Acoustics Analysis, FM Architecture, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, (June, 2018)

Teaticket Car Wash Noise Analysis, Falmouth, Massachusetts, (May, 2018)

One Inn Street Air Handling Unit Noise and Vibration Measurements, Newburyport, Massachusetts, (May, 2018)

Blount Clam Shack- Sound Mitigation Design Recommendations, Warren, Rhode Island, (May, 2018)

Trinity Place Condominiums Noise and Vibration Analysis, Boston, Massachusetts, (March, 2018)

RISE Prep School Acoustical Recommendations, Studio Meja, Providence, Rhode Island, (March, 2018)

Spaceport Colorado Noise Study Report, ICF/FAA/AST, (January, 2018)

Marriot Hotel STC Testing and Recommendations, Burlington, Massachusetts, (January, 2018)

119 Cushing Avenue IIC and STC Testing and Recommendations, (December, 2017)

Bose Corporation Manufacturing Facility Noise Control, Framingham, Massachusetts, (October, 2017)

California High Speed Rail Authority, San Jose to Merced, Noise and Vibration Review, ICF Consulting, (September, 2017)

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Blount Clam Shack Noise Analysis and Recommendations, Warren, Rhode Island, (August, 2017)

Cedarville Car Wash Noise Analysis and Recommendations, Team Ventures LLC, Plymouth, Massachusetts, (August, 2017)

TLA Holbrook Noise Review, Holbrook, Massachusetts, (August, 2017)

Hilton Gardens Building Sound Insulation Testing Phase II, Providence, Rhode Island, (June 2017)

Fransiscan Children s Hospital Sound Isolation Recommendations, Boston, Massachusetts, (June, 2017)

Passaic Valley Emergency Generator Noise Analysis- Passaic Valley Water Commission, New Jersey (June, 2017)

9 Union Street Music Room Acoustics Analysis and Recommendations, (June, 2017)

Belkin Lookout Farm Wedding Facility Sound Testing and Recommendations, (June, 2017)

Cyclebar- Thousand Oaks, California, Demising Wall STC Recommendations, (June, 2017)

330 Dorchester Street IIC and STC measurements and Recommendations, (May, 2017)

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159 Main Street, Osterville, Massachusetts, Dehumidification System Noise Control, (March, 2017)

112-114 Federal Street, Salem, Massachusetts, Sound Isolation Recommendations, (February, 2017)

Impact/Airborne Sound Isolation Analysis- IIC/STC Testing 330 Dorchester Street Unit 2, Boston, Massachusetts (December 2016)

15 Avocet Road (Truro, Massachusetts) Sound Isolation Recommendations, Geiger-Phillips, Inc. (December, 2016)

Excavation Noise Study, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Churchill Engineering (December, 2016)

Providence G Building Acoustics Study, Providence, Rhode Island (October, 2016)

Redi-Mix Manufacturing Plant Vibration Study, Attelboro, Massachusetts (September, 2016)

Hilton Garden Inn Building Sound Insulation Study, Providence, Rhode Island (September, 2016)

Super Shine Car Wash Blower Noise Control, Braintree, Massachusetts (August, 2016)

Northrop Grumman Aerospace- Metrology Room Vibration Study , Devens, Massachusetts (July, 2016)

Town Fair Call Center Acoustics, New Haven, Connecticut, (June, 2016)

U.S. Tae Kwon Do Sound and Vibration Isolation Study Waltham, Massachusetts (April, 2016)

Jamaica Townhouses Sound Isolation Study and Recommendations Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc., (April, 2016)

Fitzwilliam Substation Noise Study Town of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire (March, 2016)

Century Box Dust Collection System Noise Study Methuen, Massachusetts (March, 2016)

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Acoustic Ground Interference Progress Report- Launch Noise Model FAA/AST/ICFI (March, 2015)

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Toronto Billy Bishop Airport CS100 Noise Assessment, Toronto, Canada ICFI, Inc. (November, 2014)

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Ashland TV- WACV Transformer Vibration Isolation Recommendations, Ashland, Massachusetts (July, 2014)

Aspen Aerogels Line Expansion Noise Study, East Providence, Rhode Island (July, 2014)

101-103 Federal Street Sound Isolation Recommendations, Salem, Massachusetts (June, 2014)

The Spire Performing Arts Center Acoustical Design, Plymouth, Massachusetts (June, 2014)

52 Taylor Street MBTA Red Line Sound Isolation Recommendations, Boston, Massachusetts MAACO Construction, Inc. (May, 2014)

Boston Children s Hospital Phlebotomy Suite Acoustics, Boston, Massachusetts Isgenuity, Inc. (May, 2014)

Kings Bowl New City Acoustics and Vibration Study, Chicago, Illinois Whitlock Architects, Inc. (May, 2014)

Ken s Food Facility Noise Study, Southborough, Massachusetts (April, 2014)

Barre 3 Sound Isolation Measurements and Recommendations, New York, New York David A. Levy & Associates, Inc. (February, 2014)

Wellington Housing Development Noise Study, Manchester, New Hampshire Long Beach Development, Inc. (December, 2013)

Birch Street Apartments Tapping Machine Tests IIC and STC Results and Isolation Recommendations, Abington, Massachusetts Brophy and Phillips, Inc. (November, 2013)

Supplemental Environmental Assessment for the Blue Origin West Texas Launch Site FAA/AST/ICFI (September, 2013)

I Love Kickboxing Sound Isolation Analysis and Recommendations, Saugus, Massachusetts Concord Property Management, Inc. (September, 2013)

Country Club of Virginia- Variable Frequency Drive Testing and Recommendations for Turf Fans (July, 2013)

Vejigantes Restaurant Noise Measurements and Recommendations, Boston, Massachusetts Guzmanprufer, Inc. (July, 2013)

West Side Lounge HVAC Noise Control Recommendations, Cambridge, Massachusetts (July, 2013)

20 Straight Wharf Sound Isolation Recommendations, Nantucket, Massachusetts Emeritus Development, Inc. (July, 2013)

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Nantucket Hotel Sound Isolation Testing and Recommendations, Emeritus Development Inc. (February, 2013)

Sanctuary Room Acoustics Analysis and Recommendations- Full Gospel Interdenominational Church, Manchester Connecticut (December, 2012)

Mill Building Gym Sound Isolation Analysis and Recommendations, New Bedford Massachusetts Acorn Management (November, 2012)

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Launch Noise Model Development Progress Report AST/ICF International (September, 2012)

Medfield (Massachusetts) Wheelock School Classroom Acoustics Study (June, 2012)

Research to Support HUD s Noise Regulation, Prepared by ICF International for U. S. Office of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Community Planning and Development,Office of Environment and Energy, and Neighborhood Stabilization Program, (June, 2012)

Environmental Assessment, Old Town Fuel and Fiber Proposed Demonstration Scale Integrated Biorefinery, Old Town, Maine ICFI/Department of Energy (June 2012)

Woodland Hills Tire Center Noise Study (April, 2012)

Mashpee (Massachusetts) Elementary School Classroom Acoustics Study (March, 2012)

North Smithfield (Rhode Island) Elementary and High Schools Classroom Acoustics Study, Wilkinson Associates,( March, 2012)

L.A. Fitness Sound Isolation Recommendations, Randolph, New Jersey (November, 2011)

Launch Noise Model Development Progress Report AST/ICF International (November, 2011)

Lincoln Town Offices Noise Study, Lincoln, Massachusetts Donham and Sweeney Architects (October, 2011)

Village Walk Affordable Housing Noise Study- Amherst, New Hampshire- Anderson Consulting (September, 2011)

Aspen Aerogel Cooling Tower Noise Study, Providence, Rhode Island A-Z Corporation (August, 2011)

Environmental Assessment for Issuing an Experimental Permit to SpaceX for Operation of the Grasshopper Vehicle at the McGregor Test Site, Texas AST/ICF International (August, 2011)

Excel Recycling Noise Study Report (Westport, Massachusetts) (August, 2011)

HUD Noise Study- 698 Main Street, Pawtucket Citizens Development Corporation (July, 2011)

Interstate 195 Relocation Community Noise Monitoring Study Rhode Island Department of Transportation/Maguire Group, Inc. (May, 2011)

Pease Tradeport Acoustical Testing Report Group 4 Airport Sound Insulation Jones Payne Group, Inc. (April, 2011)

Freeport Village Station Cinema Sound Isolation Arrowstreet, Inc. (April, 2011)

Urban Outfitters 521 Fifth Avenue, NYC Sound Isolation Analysis (March, 20110)

Jackson Laboratories Energy Facility Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (March, 2011)

Interstate 195 Relocation Pavement Noise Study Rhode Island Department of Transportation/Maguire Group, Inc. (January, 2011)

Monarch Wind Farm Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (January, 2011)

AV Solar Ranch Environmental Assessment (Los Angeles, California) Department of Energy/ICF International (January, 2011)

Heartland Community College Wind Turbine Generator Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (January, 2011)

Cuyohoga Fairgrounds Wind Turbine Generator Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (January 2011)

Topaz Solar Farm Draft Environmental Impact Statement, San Luis Obispo County, California Department of Energy/ICF International (January 2011)

Libman (Arcola, Illinois) Wind Turbine Generator Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (December, 2010)

Bishop Hill (Illinois) Wind Energy Center Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (December, 2010)

Mojave/Scale Composites Launch and Sonic Boom Analysis Administrator for Space Travel/ICF International (November, 2010)

Paradise Rock Club Sound Isolation Recommendations (October, 2010)

Pettisville, Ohio Wind Energy Project Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (October, 2010)

Archbold, Ohio Wind Energy Project Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (October, 2010)

Urban Outfitters Greenwich, Connecticut Sound Isolation Recommendations (October, 2010)

Langwood Commons Acoustical Isolation Recommendations Sheskey Architects, Inc. (September, 2010)

Saulk Valley Community College Wind Energy Project Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (September, 2010)

Galesburg Wind Turbine Generator Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (August, 2010)

Eagle Woodworking Woodshop Noise Analysis Dickensen Development Corp. (July 2010)

Kodiac Island Launch Vehicle License Renewal Noise Analysis AST/ICF International (July, 2010)

Taylorville Energy Center Envronmental Impact Statement Department of Energy/ICF International (July 2010)

Urban Outfitters 521 5th Avenue New York City, Sound Isolation (July 2010)

Dryer Exhaust Noise Analysis and Abatement Recommendations Velcro USA (July, 2010)

South Shore Baptist Church Room Acoustics Analysis and Acoustical Recommendations Strekalovsky Architects (July, 2010)

Medfield Elementary School-Classroom Acoustics Study for Students with Hearing Disabilites (June, 2010)

Amtrak/Ambient Noise Measurements for HUD Noise Study Habitat for Humanity (June, 2010)

Saint Cecilia s Church Renovation Project- Impact Isolation Classification Testing and Sound Isolation Recommendations (June, 2010)

Arts at the Armory Sound Isolation Testing, Analysis, and Recommendations (May, 2010)

Mississippi Gasification Plant Environmental Assessment Department of Energy/ICF International (May, 2010)

Biology Laboratory Chiller Acoustical Measurements and Analysis Agios Pharmacueticals, Cambridge, Mass. (March, 2010)

Impact Isolation Classification Testing, Analysis, and Recommendations Hobbs Design Inc. (March, 2010)

Vibration Isolation Design and Test Results for Racquet Ball Hit Wall- L.A. Fitness (March, 2010)

Ambient Noise Measurements and Pool Heater Noise Analysis, Chilmark, Massachusetts (March, 2010)

Minot Light Condominiums, Impact Isolation Classification Testing, Analysis, and Recommendations (January, 2010)

Kahuku Windfarm (Oahu, Hawaii) Environmental Assessment-- Noise Analysis Department of Energy/ICF International (November, 2009)

Red River Environmental Assessment-Activated Carbon Manufacturing Facility Department of Energy/ICF International (October, 2009)

Saphire Estates Ridder Country Club Building Acoustics Evaluation and Recommendations (August, 2009)

Braintree Morrison Elementary School-Classroom Acoustics Study for Hearing Impaired Children (July, 2009)

Chinese Evangelical Church Noise Barrier Evaluation, Newton, Massachusetts (July, 2009)

Environmental Assessment, V-Vehicles Proposed Plant, Monroe Louisiana Department of Energy/ICF International (July 2009)

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Shadyside Presbyterian Hospital, Final Cooling Tower Noise Acceptance Testing (May, 2009)

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Department of Energy, ICF International (April, 2009)

Review of AT&T Cell Tower Noise Evaluation SEA Consultants (January, 2009)

Norfolk Southern Railway, Pan Am Railways, Joint Control and Operating/Pooling Agreements Environmental Assessment Surface Transportation Board, ICF International (November, 2008)

Acid Bath Lecture Hall Reverberation Time and Acoustical Analysis-Urban Outfitters Corporate Headquarters, Philadelphia (October, 2008)

Bellingham Sports Complex Noise Analysis (July, 2008)

Fitness Together (Boston, MA) Sound and Impact Isolation Analysis and Recommendations (July, 2008)

Port MacKenzie Alaska Rail Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement-Noise and Vibration ICF International (July, 2008)

Space Florida Commercial Launch Vehicle Environmental Assessment AST/Federal Aviation Administration, ICF International (June, 2008)

Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Alignment, Construction, and Operation of the Rail Line to a Geologic Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nye County, NV ICF International, (May, 2008)

BJs Brewhouse (Cincinatti) Reverbation Time Measurements and Acoustical Recommendations May, 2008

Alaska Railroad Northern Rail Extension Project Environmental Impact Statement-Noise and Vibration ICF International (April, 2008)

Pease Tradeport Aircraft Noise Sound Insulation-Noise Reduction Testing and Acoustical Recommendations (February, 2008)

Rockies Express East Pipeline East Project Environmental Assessment FERC/ICF International (February, 2008)

Carisal Chlori/Alkali Plant Noise Analysis ICF International (January, 2008)

Chatham Public Schools Classroom Acoustics Study for Students with Hearing Disabilities (June, 2007)

Chinese Evangelical Church Cooling Tower Noise Study (June, 2007)

Spaceport America EIS Noise Analysis Comments FAA/AST/ICF International (May, 2007)

REI Conceptual Store Acoustical Simulation for Open Mezzanine Design (April, 2007)

Schoolhouse Condominiums Refrigerant Piping Vibration Isolation Recommendations (September, 2006)

Hartcourt street Cooling Tower Noise Study (December, 2006)

Xprize Cup Noise Measurements, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Federal Aviation Administration (October, 2006)

Newport Restoration Foundation Cooling Tower Noise Abatement Study (June, 2006)

South Elementary School Reverberation Time and Sound Isolation Measurements and Recommendations (June, 2006)

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Cooling Tower Noise Measurements (December, 2005)

Fort Mifflin/Philadelphia Airport Sound Isolation Treatment Recommendations (September, 2005)

Richmond, Virginia Urban Outfitters Sound Isolation Measurements and Recommendations (September, 2005)

Pizzeria Unos Reverberation Time Measurements and Acoustical Recommendations (September, 2005)

Strategic Petroleum Reserve/DOE Noise Analysis (September, 2005)

Draft Environmental Assessment for the Oklahoma Spaceport: FAA/AST ICF Consulting (August, 2005)

Pease AFB Residential Sound Insulation Project, Sound Isolation Recommendations (August, 2005)

Schoolhouse Condominiums Sound Isolation and Refrigerent Piping Vibration Analysis (July, 2005)

Effect of Altitude and Other Factors on Sonic Booms to Avoid Adverse Noise Impacts FAA/AST ICF Consulting (May 2005)

Interstate I-195 Taunton Ave./Warren Ave. Interchange Environmental Assessment, Providence, RI (May 2005)

Urban Outfitters Chicago 1521 N. Milwaukee Avenue Sound Isolation Recommendations(April 2005)

Sonic Boom Prediction Tool-FAA/AST (April, 2005)

OSIDA Spaceport Environmental Assessment, Rocketplane, Blue Origin Noise Analsyis (March, 2005)

PAX Television Transmitter HVAC Noise Measurements, Needham, Mass. (February, 2005)

Granite Loft Impact Isolation and Sound Isolation Measurements and Analysis, Quincy, Mass. (January 2005)

Reverberation Time Measurements and Acoustical Recommendations, Providence Baptist Church, Raymond New Hampshire (December, 2004)

New England Transrail, LLC, d/b/a Wilmington and Woburn Terminal Railroad Co. Construction, Acquisition, and Operation Exemption-in Wilmington and Woburn, MA (STB, Aug. 4, 2004)

DOE USEC American Centrifuge Plant, Noise and Vibration Study (October 2004)

Urban Outfitters Fanueil Hall Sound Isolation Design Recommendations (October 2004)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Alignment, Construction, and Operation of the Rail Line to a Geologic Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nye County, NV ICF Consulting (August 2004)

Metro Nashville District Energy System Energy Generating Facility, Noise and Vibration Study (August 2004)

Preliminary Noise and Vibration Analysis, Kinsella Quarry Expansion, Town of Manlius, Onondaga County, New York (April 2004)

Ambassador Bridge Trucking Facility Noise and Vibration Measurements (February 2004)

Comparison of Noise Mitigation Thresholds between Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and MNDOT (December 2003)

Sound Isolation Recommendations for Urban Outfitters, Jackson Brewery, New Orleans (July 2003)

Hillman Cancer Center Cooling Tower Noise Measurements and Mitigation (September 2003)

Noise Analysis and Sound Isolation Recommendations for the Renovation of 95 Berkeley Street (May 2003)

Vibration Analysis of Special Land Uses for the Memphis Area Transit Study(March 2003)

Assessment of Train-Induced Vibration Effects on NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (February 2003)

Construction and Operation of a Rail Line from the Bayport Loop in Harris County, Texas Surface Transportation Board, DEIS Noise and Vibration Analysis (January 2003)

Low-frequency Absorption Recommendations for Bose Headquarters Multi-purpose Room (June 2002)

Scituate Harbor Development Project Acoustical Analysis (Scituate Playhouse Sound Isolation) (January 2002)

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Part 150 Update-Impact of Reduced Flight Operations on Noise Contour Size (December 2001)

Ambient Noise Measurements for BNSF Railroad Bayport Loop Project-Houston, Texas (December 2001)

Helicopter Noise Analysis- University of Pittsburg Medical Center AI Report (September 2001)

St. Patrick's School Sound Isolation Recommendations AI Report (August 30, 2001)

Technical Implications of Analyzing and Mitigating Low-Frequency Aircraft Noise, AI Report No. 288 (January 2001)

Technical Implications of Analyzing and Mitigating Low-Frequency Aircraft Noise and Noise Effects at 60 dB DNL, AI Report No. 284 (November 2000)

Hanscom Field Noise Study Review, AI Technical Memorandum (April 2000)

City of Cleveland Home Sound Insulation and Noise Barrier Programs, with James Cowan and Robyn Spencer, AI Report No. 252 (May 2000)

Acoustical Analysis and Recommendations for Qdivision Recording Studio, with Rebecca Shuman, AI Report No. 232 (June 1999)

Central Light Rail Line Double Tracking Project Hamburg Street Station to Cromwell Station, Glen Burnie, Maryland, AI Report No. 230 (April 1999)

MTA/LIRR East Side Access Draft Environmental Impact Statement Vibration Analysis Techical Report, with Jeff Zapfe, AI Report No. 237 (December 1999)

Annoyance Due To Locomotive Warning Horns, with James Cowan and Chris Maxon, Paper presented at Transportation Research Board A1FO4 Subcommittee Meeting, San Diego (July 1999)

Delaware River Aerial Tram Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Noise and Vibration Analysis, AI Report No. 213 (September 1998)

Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad Merger: Use of GIS for Environmental Noise Analysis, Paper presented at the ESRI GIS User Conference, San Diego (July 1998)

Environmental Assessment, Canadian National Railway Co. and Illinois Central Railroad Company Acquisition Surface Transportation Board, (November, 1998)

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Proposed Conrail Acquisition, CSX Corporation and CSX Transportation, Inc., Norfolk Southern Corporation and Norfolk Southern Railway Company, (AI Report No. 197 (April, 1998)

Noise and Vibration Study and Abatement, Phase II, MBTA Attelboro Commuter Rail Line Noise Mitigation Prioritization Study, with Paul Burge, Chris Maxon, and Phil Praino, AI Report No. 201 (April 1998)

Tren Urbano Project-Noise and Vibration Mitigation Technical Report-Design/Build Phase San Juan, Puerto Rico, AI Report No. 192 (April 1998)

Train Noise Mitigation Alternatives Study-CSX/Conrail Acquisition Environmental Studies, with Paul L. Burge, AI Report No. 187 (August 1997)

Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad Merger Mitigation Study-Noise Analysis Wichita, Kansas, with Christopher M. Maxon and Philip A. Praino, AI Report No. 186 (July 1997)

Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad Merger Mitigation Study-Noise Analysis Reno, Nevada, with Christopher M. Maxon and Philip A. Praino, AI Report No. 185 (July 1997)

Measurement and Assessment of Vibrations due to Amtrak Train Passages-75 Michigan St., Warwick, RI, with Paul L. Burge, AI Report No. 180 (July 1997)

Measurement and Assessment of Vibrations due to Amtrak Train Passages-7 Michigan St. Warwick, RI, with Paul L. Burge, AI Report No. 181 (July 1997)

Measurement and Assessment of Vibrations due to Amtrak Train Passages-500 Noank Road, Mystic, CT, with Paul L. Burge, AI Report No. 179 (July 1997)

Using GIS for Determination of Train Noise Impacts, Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board meeting, (July 1997)

Vibration Measurements of Train Passages--Chicago Transit Authority, with Eric E. Ungar, AI Report, (November 1996)

Noise Analysis of the Lebanon Valley Speedway, with Paul L. Burg , AI Report No. 155 (August 1995)

Final Engineering Design-Noise and Vibration Mitigation-Hillsboro Extension of the Westside Corridor Light Rail Transit, AI Report (July 1995)

Interstate 95 Noise Barrier Design--New Rochelle, New York Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board meeting, (July 1995)

Noise Barrier Design for the New England Thruway- Acoustical Analysis Technical Report, with Paul L. Burg and Bruce M. Jagolinzer, AI Report No. 145 (April 1995)

Rail Transit Subway Acoustical Requirements, with Bruce M. Jagolinzer, AI Report No. 140 (January 1995)

Noise Barrier Design for Interstate 271 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, AI Report (January 1995)

Run-up Noise Analysis- Port Columbus International Airport, AI Report (September 1994)

Noise Impact and Abatement for Northeast Corridor Operations, with Eric W. Wood, Paper presented at Transportation Research Board Meeting, (July 1994)

Data Management System- San Jose International Airport Acoustical Treatment (ACT) Program, AI Report No. 121 (June 1994)

Results of Helicopter Noise Measurements at Charles River Park, AI Report (June 1994)

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Improved Access to Quonset Point/Davisville From Route 4, East Greenwich and North Kingston, Rhode Island, with Paul Burg , AI Report No. 115 (March 1994).

Reverberation Time Measurements, Shot Tower Station, Baltimore, Maryland, AI Report (January 1994).

Data/Systems Requirements--Massport Residential Sound Insulation Program-- Data Management System, AI Report No. 0113 (November 1993).

Metro North Noise Barrier Study, with James Barnes, AI Report No. 93 (April 1993).

Pipeline Pump Station Acoustic Measurements, with Eric W. Wood, AI Report No. 0096 (March 1993).

Northeast Corridor Train Operations Between Dedham Manor and Jamaica Plain, Noise Impact Evaluation and Abatement Recommendations, with Eric W. Wood, AI Report No. 0095 (February 1993).

Study of Vibrations near Maverick Square due to MBTA Blue Line Train Passages, with Dr. Eric Ungar, Hal Amick, Paul Burge, Frank Iacovino, Stephen Munier, and Philip Praino, AI Report No. 0090 (November 1992).

Noise Impact Study of the Proposed Playa Vista Development in the City of Los Angeles and Community of Marina Del Rey - Sitewide Master Plan, with R.E. Nugent, S.K. Bui, J.A. Ciarletta, and S.J. Lind, AI Report No. 59B (September 1992)

Foxboro Stadium Sound Impact Analysis, AI Report (September 1992).

Noise Study of Deck and Track Alternatives- Rehabilitation of the Park Avenue Viaduct for Metro-North Railroad, with James D. Barnes, Stephen B. Munier, and Philip A. Praino, AI Report No. 0077 (August 1992).

Boston Rail Transit Noise Analysis Paper presented at Transportation Research Board Meeting (July 1992)

Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, Austin, Texas, Airport Noise Contours, 1980-1983-1988-1992, with Richard Letty, AI Report (June 1992)

Noise Analysis of the Proposed Accord Speedway, Accord, New York, AI Report 0079 (April 1992).

Noise Control for the Power Plant Cooling Tower- Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AI Report No. 0069 (November 1991).

Noise Barrier Materials Study, Owens Corning Fiberglass,AI Report (November 1991).

Seashore Performing Arts Center, Sound Control Measures, AI Report (October 1991).

MBTA Blue Line Modernization Project, Comparison of Measured Noise Levels to Criteria. East Boston/Revere, Massachusetts, with Eric W. Wood, AI Report No. 0068 (September 1991).

MBTA Blue Line Modernization Project, Baseline Community Noise Measurements. East Boston/Revere, Massachusetts, with Eric W. Wood, Frank Iacovino, and Philip Praino. AI Report No. 0067 (September 1991).

Noise Assessment of Proposed Corporate Office Center. Huntington, Long Island, with Eric W. Wood, AI Tech Memo No. 0028 (July 1991).

Noise Analysis for Proposed Helistop--Shadyside Hosptial, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Paper presented at the Transportation Research Board Meeting (July 1991).

Community Sound Study of Carver Transformer Substation, with James D. Barnes, AI Tech Memorandum No. 0023 (June 1991).

Noise Analysis for Proposed Helistop-Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with Karl Pearsons and Sean Bui, AI Report No. 0062 (June 1991).

Results of Vibration and Noise Measurements, National Semiconductor Corporation, AI Report (April 1991).

Addition of Combustion Turbine J-4 at Medway Station No. 446 Noise Impact Assessment, with Eric W. Wood and Philip A. Praino, AI Report No. 0020 (December 1990).

Eastchester Bridge Replacement- New England Thruway Noise Study, with Stephen B. Munier, AI Report No. 0031 (August 1990).

Chastain Park Amphitheatre Sound Analysis and Control, with Thomas Horrall, Parker Hirtle, Carol Parssinen, and Stephen Siegel, AI Report No. 26 (May 1990).

Noise Barrier Design for Williamsville Toll Barrier, New York State Thruway, with Robert S. Berens and Erich S. Thalheimer, AI Report No. 0035 (April 1990).

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Erich S. Thalheimer, AI Report No. (March 1990).

Installation Compatible Use Zone Noise Study, Fort Hood, Texas, Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District - Vol I and II, with Richard Letty and James Barnes, AI Report No. 54 (February 1990).

Bridgehampton Road Race Circuit Noise, with Eric W. Wood, AI Tech. Memo No. 0009 (December 1989).

Detailed Noise Barrier Design for State Road 826, Palmetto Expressway Corridor, AI Report No. 17 (July 1989).

Outdoor Sound Propagation Analysis- Joe's American Bar and Grill (Hartford, CT), with Carol E. Parssinen, AI Report No. 12 (June 1989).

Noise Barrier Feasibility Study, Weston Community Concepts, with C.Y. Tankiang, BBN Report No. 6998 (January 1989).

Merriweather Post Pavilion - Sound Propagation and Control, with P. Hirtle and T. Horrall, BBN Report No. 6943 (November 1988).

Environmental Noise Impact Assessment - Modernization of the Boise Cascade Rumford Mill, with Eric W. Wood and S. B. Munier, AI Report No. 6809 (May 1988).

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration and the Massachusetts Department of Public Works, Massachusetts Type II Noise Attenuation Study, Volume I Main Volume, with Grant Anderson, James Barnes, Elena Berry, and Philip Praino, BBN Report (March 1988).

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration and the Massachusetts Department of Public Works, Massachusetts Type II Noise Attenuation Study, Volume II Technical Appendices, with Grant Anderson, James Barnes, Elena Berry, and Philip Praino, BBN Report (March 1988).

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Overflight Aircraft Detectability Study, with C.Y. Tankiang, BBN Report No. 6948 (November 1988).

Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Technical Appendix Noise and Vibrations, IH35W/IH30, Fort Worth, Texas, BBN Report No. 6792 (March 1988).

MBTA Back Bay Station- Air Quality Measurements and Assessment, with K.M, Chng, F.N. Iacovino, F.R. Kuhn, P. Praino, and C. Tankiang, BBN Report No. 6554 (October 1987).
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